Clashing Feelings Level 2

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(Para a moderação: Por favor, não unam os tópicos, isto não é um volume 2, é mesmo uma sequela. É para evitar spoils... mas se não puder ser, paciência.)



- Clashing Feelings Level 2 -

A sequela de CF vem aí :)

CF passou ao próximo nível. Mas retém o "feeling" do original. A comédia continua a ser tão boa quanto a do original (ou tão má, se preferirem assim), mas o romance e o drama subiram de nível! E o "ecchi" também! Esperem, será possível a história ser ainda mais pervertida que CF1? Descubram a resposta em CF2 ;)

☆☆☆ Sumário (contém spoilers para quem não leu CF1) ☆☆☆

Esta é a continuação há muito esperada de Clashing Feelings. Tarou e Sachiko são do 8º ano. Eles conhecem-se há muito tempo (desde a 1ª classe), mas eles não se dão nada bem. Apesar desse facto, de alguma forma, eles acabaram por se apaixonar um pelo outro e, depois de muitos mal-entendidos, Tarou e Sachiko são agora namorados. Mas os conflitos estão longe de terminar. Quando o encontro deles se torna num grande fracasso e depois de um novo aluno se transferir para a escola onde eles andam, será que o relacionamento deles sobreviverá? Será que eles se separaram? Muito provavelmente! Mais mal-entendidos, ciúmes e muitos outros problemas de amor os esperam ... Um monte de sentimentos e situações manter-se-ão em conflito.

☆☆☆ Preview (contém spoilers para quem não leu CF1) ☆☆☆

Para além do teaser presente no PDF de Clashing Feelings original, aqui vai mais uma travessura que o Tarou e o Kenji planeiam em CF2 (será que o plano lhes vai correr bem?):

Kenji and Tarou are eating their lunches on the rooftop. They are alone and in silence.

Kenji: (You called me here and now you don’t say anything…)

Tarou: … … … S-say, isn’t it normal for couples to have sex?

Kenji: Pffffffff. *Choke, Cough, cough* - He spits some of the food he had in his mouth.

Tarou: Hey, careful with that! Food is flying my way!

Kenji: Sorry. But what’s this about all of a sudden?

Tarou: I was just wondering… (I should have asked Ichitaka-kun instead but that guy is skipping when I need him the most…)

Kenji: But to answer your question… Hmmm, after a few dates, I guess it is normal. (Or so I heard…)

Tarou: Right?

Kenji: I think. I don’t have a girlfriend… but I guess that if I had, it wouldn’t be strange to do those things, right? Oh, I see, you want to do it with Sacchan, right?

Tarou: W-well, it’s just, you see… yes… - He murmurs.

Kenji: Good luck! – He puts his thumb up and smiles.

Kenji: Tell me all the details later.

Tarou: As if! The problem is… she doesn’t want to do it…

Kenji: That’s troublesome…

Tarou: Why is it? Doesn’t she like me enough or something?

Kenji: Hmmm… I think she doesn’t want to do it because she’s afraid, maybe?

Tarou: Afraid of what?

Kenji: I don’t know… She might be afraid because everyone says it’s wrong for kids like us? Or maybe because they say the first time is really painful for girls?

Tarou: I get it! But how do couples overcome this? I want to have sex with her! (I can’t tell him that it’s because I’m feeling really insecure right now…)

Kenji: Fu, fu, fu! You came to the right guy, my friend! I’m an expert when it comes to things like this.

Tarou: (Guh, I wonder… You never even had a girlfriend before…) – He gets a sweat drop.

Kenji: It’s very easy! If her desires overcome her fears, she’ll want to do it with you.

Tarou: Sounds right… So, she doesn’t desire me, uh?

Kenji: No, no, no! You got it wrong. She simply doesn’t know the wonders of sex! You just have to wake the pervert in Sacchan!

Tarou: Eh? The pervert in Sachiko?

Kenji: Deep down, everyone is a pervert. But some people don’t unlock that potential. You need a trigger to unlock it. If she becomes a pervert, she’ll be the one imploring you for sex!

Tarou: Everyone’s a pervert? (Somehow I don’t think I should trust him… but maybe he is right?)

Kenji: Everyone is a pervert! It’s in the human nature. Unless there’s something wrong with the person, you know, some deficiency.

Tarou: (I think there’s something wrong with you…) Anyway, what’s the trigger to unlock it?

Kenji: It’s very easy! What was the trigger in our case?

Tarou: The hell if I know… wait, I’m not that perverted!

Kenji: Yes, you are. Think about it, wasn’t it after seeing a woman’s naked body?

Tarou: Eh? Ah… I guess…?

Kenji: So it’s easy! Just show her your naked body!

Tarou: That’s bullshit! (And she kinda saw me naked already!)

Kenji: No, no, no. I know what you’re thinking. Not like that lame thing you showed everyone during P.E. last year! That was really lame! You should take a super lewd photo of yourself. In a sexy pose! And give it to h…

Tarou: STOP JOKING AROUND! That would be as embarrassing as HELL! I’d rather die!

Kenji: If you want to do it with her, you’ll have to show your body to her anyway! Right?

Tarou: That’s it! I’m leaving! – He starts walking away towards the roof’s door.

Kenji: WAIT! There’s another way!

Tarou: … … Speak up. I’m listening. – He stopped but doesn’t turn to face Kenji.

Kenji: It doesn’t have to be you. Like us, we started with ero-magazines right? Show her some ero-mag. Oh, but it has to have naked men, the kind we read is no good.

Tarou faces Kenji and shouts…

Tarou: The kind YOU read, YOU! I don’t read such stuff! Besides, I don’t want her to see other men’s naked bodies! Absolutely not!

Kenji: How do you plan to wake up the pervert in her then?

Tarou: Who cares! You just say bullshit!

Kenji: Oh, I got a great idea! Listen to this: Hentai [pornographic] manga. If it’s only drawings you won’t have anything to complain about, right?

Tarou: Hentai manga? She would just get mad and throw it away anyway!

Kenji: That’s an act that girls do when there’s someone watching them. If she’s alone she’ll read it. Don’t worry! I have a plan for that. Let’s buy one that’s targeted at females. Hi, hi, hi.

>>> IMPORTANTE Para quem não leu CF <<<

Eu penso que conseguem seguir CF2 sem terem lido CF1, mas ao fazê-lo vão spoilar CF1 ( ; _ ; )

Para os que pensam nunca na vida perder tempo com CF, lembrem-se que CF está escrito num estilo diferente, a pensar naqueles que não gostam muito de ler grandes descrições. E pelo menos tentem "spoilar-se" para verem se gostam. Podem escolher dois tipos:

> Resumos por capítulos

+ É mais detalhado

+ Se estiverem a gostar do que estão a ler, podem parar e ir ler CF1, sem terem spoilado a história toda.

- Reler os capítulos spoilados fica aborrecido

- Ainda pode causar situações de "muito extenso, não li" (tl;dr)

PART I – Mutual Rivals (7 Chapters + 1 Mini Special)

- They are both rivals and can’t stand each other -

Fight 01 (The Beginning of a New School Year) [~7 pages]: Sachiko and Tarou start a new school year. They are now 8th graders. The story starts when Sachiko and Tarou go check in which class they are. They both get very disappointed that they are together again in the same class, the 8-2 class. Sachiko and her friends, Aoi and Nanako, recall how Sachiko and Tarou did never get along since away back and how they competed over silly things such as grades or at the sports festival. Sachiko confesses she does not remember how or why the hostilities started. Tarou, along with his friends Kenji and Ichitaka, plots to make Sachiko get elected class representative just to annoy her and asks his friends to vote for her. When a classmate makes fun of Tarou, saying out loud that he is doing his wife election campaign, the class goes crazy. Sachiko and other girls get outraged and want to make Tarou get elected instead. Because of that, Sachiko and Tarou won 1st place (a draw at the election). Hirota-sensei makes Sachiko the class rep and Tarou is the vice class rep, but in turn Tarou is made to enroll in the soccer club. Sachiko warns Tarou that they will divide the tasks related to the class representation. They are both extremely upset with the extra workload and things just got a bit worse between them.

Fight 02 (This is Why I Can’t Stand You!) [~9 pages]: Even though her older brother Yuuji warned her not to, Sachiko is playing with an electronic video game that she borrowed from Kenji while walking. She steps on a stray dog’s tail and gets scared with the sudden barking, dropping the game and breaking it. After getting late to school, she learns that the game turned out to be Tarou’s. A heavy discussion starts and they end up fighting (literally). After getting called to the Principal’s office, they still refuse to get along with each other and Hirota-sensei gives them a month of cleaning duty as a punishment in an attempt to improve their relationship. Sachiko gives her rare edition game to Tarou to make up for the one she broke. They are both extremely upset with the extra workload and things just got a bit worse between them yet again.

Fight 03 (Physical Battles) [~9 pages]: The Physical Examination day for the 8th grade students is arriving. Tarou says Sachiko’s breasts have not grown at all and are still as flat as they were when she was a 1st grader. Mad Sachiko says he should worry more about himself, as he’s short and he hasn’t grown at all (in both height and intelligence) and he may become a midget for life. They make a challenge to see who’s taller in tomorrow’s examination. Trying to make peeping toms go away, Tarou ends up being mistaken for one and because of Mizuki-sensei’s prank he ends up seeing Sachiko’s bra. They get awkwardly embarrassed because of that. Tarou loses the height challenge because his spiky hair does not count. Sore loser Tarou says height does not mean strength and suggests an arm wrestling challenge. When Sachiko accepts, Tarou gets worried about not winning by a convincing margin and whispers “Just before, I went to the bathroom and I didn’t wash my hands”. Sachiko gets disgusted and loses overwhelmingly. Furthermore, she can’t stop washing her hands. But Sachiko does not tell anyone about Tarou’s dirty move. At the end of the day, Tarou laughs at her for believing him and losing like that. For the first time ever in their lives, they both experienced some new emotions today. Is this an improvement on their relationship?

Fight 03.5 - Mini Fight 01 (Turning into Adults) [~3 pages]: Sachiko and Tarou are cleaning the classroom. With a stomachache, Sachiko is feeling bad since yesterday but she thinks it was because a hamburger that she ate. Tarou thinks she’s slacking off and hits her butt with the broom’s stick. Blood start’s running down Sachiko’s legs. He panics, because he thinks he had seriously hurt Sachiko, but in fact it was Sachiko’s first menstruation. Because he can’t stop crying and making a fuss, Sachiko tells him the truth. Tarou gets surprised and wonders why girls bleed every month, from their butts! Sachiko gets really mad at his stupidity.

Fight 04 (Midterm Battles) [~10 pages]: Mid-term tests are just around the corner. Tarou and Sachiko decide to compete with grades. They finally introduce a penalty game system for the loser. On the way home, a stray dog steals Tarou’s Classical Japanese notebook. Tarou, who can’t read his friends’ messy handwriting, asks Sachiko to share her notes with him. As per Aoi’s suggestion, Sachiko accepts but only because she’s having trouble with Math. Tarou, who is good at Math, says he’ll teach her in return and they go to Tarou’s house to study, because Sachiko does not want Tarou in her room. Who knows what he’d do? After arriving, Tarou’s little sister, Kaede, teases them a bit. When Tarou goes out of the room, curious Sachiko looks around the room. She finds out that her old game is carefully protected in plastic. After that, she looks for ero-books and she is caught looking underneath the bed. When asked what she was doing, she lies saying she thinks she saw a bug there. Tarou takes a look and finds a really old pair of dirty underwear he thought he had lost. Sachiko, who was starting to get a better image of Tarou, gets horrified at the sight and thinks it was a mistake to come to his house. But Tarou teaches Sachiko Math and Sachiko teaches Tarou Classical Japanese and they are impressed how well things went and how easy it was to understand the things they previously couldn’t. Because Kaede spilled the hot-chocolate drinks all over Sachiko, she had to take a bath and had to wear Tarou’s clothes. Tarou walks Sachiko home and upon arriving, Sachiko’s older brother, Yuuji, gets mad at her for not only being late, but also for returning home with a boy and wearing his clothes. Yuuji seems to really dislike Tarou. After tests results are out, they realized they were drawn 3-3. They decide to go by who got more points and Tarou realizes he lost, so he has to do the remaining 5 cleaning duties alone. Tarou is upset. But he realizes it’s sad to clean alone and misses Sachiko just a little bit while cursing her at the same time.

Fight 05 (Beach Battles) [~9 pages]: On the last school day before summer holidays, on the way home, while eating a crepe, Sachiko encounters the vengeful stray dog. It seems he still remembers that Sachiko stepped on his tail. Scared, Sachiko drops her food and the dog starts eating it, so (for now?) she’s saved. After returning home, she gets a phone call from Aoi. Aoi invites her to a beach trip on Sunday. At the train station Tarou and Sachiko get surprised to see each other and complain that their day is ruined now. Upon arriving at the beach, Tarou asks Sachiko if she glued her bikini top to her chest because otherwise it would slide down to her belly. They verbally fight. Friends go away because it’s always the same thing. Friends plot to scare Tarou and Sachiko by doing a shark prank and Kenji even brought a mini O2 bottle. Tarou and Sachiko decide to vent their frustration doing a swimming race. While at it, they embrace in fear of the “shark”. Tarou says the water became hotter and asks Sachiko if she peed in the water. Sachiko denies, but did she really? Friends wonder if it was Tarou who peed instead or maybe if they both did. Later, they end up competing to see who eats the ice-cream first and they get a headache. Returning home, tired Sachiko and Tarou fell asleep leaning against each other and friends comment on how peaceful they had finally become.

Fight 06 (Summer Festival Battles) [~8 pages]: Summer holidays still go on. Tarou and Sachiko have English make-up classes. Earlier they saw a flier in the arcade center. During the festival, the game center will have a booth where there will be a co-op game competition just for couples. The winner gets a pack full of great electronic games (some are rare editions). Sachiko and Tarou want to go there so they end up faking that they are a couple. But after they won, they have to prove their relationship by sharing a kiss. They almost do it, but Kenji spots them and thinks they are dating. They confess they were pretending and apologize. Then Tarou wants to go home but Sachiko asks him to keep her company. They end up competing in the gunshot booth to see who buys the takoyaki and in the cut the candy shape game to see who buys the apple candy. Sachiko lips get red and some little kid lifts her skirt. Then they go to see the fireworks but they have to hold hands to avoid getting separated in the crowd. They watch the fireworks together but they are surrounded by couples and they get really embarrassed. Are they starting to get along now?

Fight 07 (Hostilities Reaching Maximum Level) [~9 pages]: Sera, a beautiful high class girl transfers in. To impress Sera, Tarou decides to one-sidedly compete on P.E. and even though Tarou’s a boy he has to give it his all to win over Sachiko. He beat her in the 100m dash. However, during vertical jump, he’s so serious to jump higher than Sachiko that he accidentally farts and becomes the laughing stock. Then, in an attempt to redeem himself during a trampoline jump, he tries to jump over a way too high vault but messes up and falls. His shorts get stuck and he shows his weenie. He’s the laughing stock again. Tarou is burning in anger against Sachiko. Tarou is depressed but it is Sachiko who tries hard to cheer him up. The next day, even though there was a rain forecast, because the day started sunny Tarou and Sachiko both forgot their umbrellas. To get Sachiko to call him using the “sama” honorific and thus look good in front of Sera, Tarou proposes a bike racing challenge on the rain. Tarou is leading but goes over a puddle and the policeman gets a mud bath. The policeman goes on his bike to catch the speeding criminal and Tarou drops out of the race in order to get away from him. Sachiko was worried about him and calls his house to ask if he was alright and Tarou releases his anger at Sachiko and says he wishes she just disappeared. Things seem to have taken a turn for the worse. Can they ever make up?

PART II – Unrequited Love, Unrequited Rivalry (6 Chapters + 1 Mini Special)

- Sachiko begins to like Tarou but he keeps being mean to her -

Fight 08 (What are these Feelings?) [~9 pages]: Tarou’s bike gets damaged. Tarou and Sachiko go to a class rep meeting. Sachiko was cold to Tarou all day. Then, Tarou saves Sachiko from the mad dog who was probably seeking revenge for the time when Sachiko stepped on his tail. And later he saves her again from a group of thugs and he ends up getting hurt. Healing him, Sachiko realizes she has feelings for Tarou. That night, Sachiko reads her old diary and remembers that she also felt something for Tarou during 1st grade, before the hostilities started. She remembers a bit of her past. Back then, after she told him something, he started being very mean to her and placed bugs on her locker and backpack. It all started there. As she reads her diary, she wonders why she didn’t write what she told him or why she can’t remember it. “Why didn’t I write something so important?” Ignorant Tarou keeps being mean to “tsundere” Sachiko who simply can’t be honest with her new feelings. During volley practice, Sachiko sees Tarou playing soccer and starts messing up a lot. What will happen next?

Fight 09 (Even the Score) [~7 pages]: Ignorant Tarou keeps being mean to “tsundere” Sachiko who simply can’t be honest with her feelings. They meet by chance at the soccer field outside the school. Sachiko has to go to the market and Tarou says he has to go too, to buy a bike chain, and goes with her. Tarou gets curious of what’s on Sachiko’s bag. He sees that she bought a bra. Sachiko gets mad and leaves running. At school, Tarou loses again and has to go buy everyone’s lunches. But he then claims he is wining overall. For everyone’s surprise, Sachiko has a log in which she recorded every challenge winner and she can prove she’s wining 107-104. After the discussion about the bike race which does not count because the policeman interfered, they agree on 106-104. Hostilities are hotter than ever. They end up making a vow to compete to see who will perform better on their respective tournaments (soccer and volleyball tournaments). Then, they go to the arcade to compete in a fighting game and they spend all their money competing on the UFO-Catcher [crane game]. Sachiko’s feelings make her mess up. But when Tarou is finally wining overall at 106-107, he suddenly loses interest on the challenges. Sachiko gets puzzled why and investigates by following Tarou. Could it be that he is in love with the new transfer student, Sera? Sachiko writes a letter to Tarou.

Fight 10 (Clashing Feelings) [~10 pages]: Tarou thinks he had received a love letter from Sera-chan, but gets disappointed to see it’s from Sachiko. Anyway, thinking she will confess her love on the rooftop, he has evil ideas like making her into his slave. Aoi worries about depressed Sachiko and gets suspicious that she may be in love. Sachiko denies it. While waiting, Sachiko sees Tarou playing soccer from the rooftop and thinks he’s cool when he scored a goal but right after, he does a silly celebration dance and she laughs and takes back what she just thought. When Sachiko asks Tarou about his love for Sera-chan, she says nasty things she didn’t mean to say, like Tarou does not stand a chance with Sera. He angrily proposes that the next challenge is to see who gets a lover first and shares a kiss sooner. Unexpectedly, mad Sachiko accepts the challenge. Tarou leaves and then it starts raining. Hurt, Sachiko cries a lot and spacing out on the rooftop she gets drenched. The next day Sachiko gets a cold and goes to infirmary. Tarou scratches his knee in the soccer match and also goes to infirmary. The doctor was out, so Sachiko treats Tarou and she realizes she has stronger feelings than she thought for Tarou. But then she falls on top of him. Things get hot. While she’s sleeping, Tarou wants to touch her breasts. Tarou takes Sachiko home on his back. Yuuji and Tarou still do not get along at all.

Fight 11 (School Trip Battles ~ Part 1) [~8 pages]: It’s the school trip. In the bus, Sera sits next to Sachiko. Tarou asks Sachiko to switch places with him. He talks happily with Sera, mainly bad things about Sachiko, and Sachiko, who can’t hear anything, gets upset about how good they seem to be getting along. Kenji tries jokingly guessing what they are saying and this upsets Sachiko even more. During lunch stop, the teacher warns them that they should go to the toilet before entering the bus again because the bus has no toilet. Both Tarou and Sachiko are in need to take a pee, but Sera, who was annoyed at their relationship, evilly suggests that Tarou challenge Sachiko to see who can hold it in longer. Sachiko rejects but Tarou holds her wrist and begs, or more like forces her to accept. Almost exploding and dying, they finally arrive at the hotel. The toilet is full with people coming from a bus that arrived a few moments earlier. They end up going outside and Tarou starts to relieve himself against a nearby tree. Sachiko can’t bear to watch it and since she’s on her limit she is not happy to win this time. When Tarou comes back and touches her shoulder, Sachiko pees herself in front of him. She starts crying uncontrollably and Tarou feels he is responsible so he takes a hose and washes her. Looking at dripping wet-, freezing- and still crying Sachiko, Aoi thinks Tarou was bullying her. Hirota-sensei punishes the 3, but Tarou says it was his fault for starting the hose prank, so only he ends up getting punished and he has to stay in his room all day tomorrow, missing that day of the trip. After apologizing in his knees to Sachiko, he can only cheer her up a little when he confesses that he felt a little excited seeing her peeing. But now the girls think of him as a super pervert.

Fight 12 (School Trip Battles ~ Part 2) [~8 pages]: In the morning of the next day, Sachiko is still depressed. Because Tarou is in detention, she feels responsible and doesn’t want to go with the others to explore the local attractions. Aoi, who can’t leave her best friend behind, says she will stay with her and says they could sneak out together later. They fool the teachers faking their periods so that they can stay in their rooms. Tarou comes to the girls’ room and also purposes that they sneak out. Depressed, Sachiko still doesn’t want to go because her shoes are dirty. To prove her wrong, Tarou picks her shoes, sniffs them and says they smell nice and jokingly says he can lick them too. Now, the girls think of him as a 1st class super ultra-mega pervert. Embarrassed, Sachiko does not want Tarou to be holding her shoes and asks for her shoes back and reluctantly wears them. So they sneak out and have fun exploring the city. Sachiko also bought new shoes, picked by Tarou. Sachiko had a great time but worries if Aoi knows that she likes Tarou. Back at the inn, when taking a bath at the hot spring, they learn about the spreading of a rumor that Sachiko had peed herself yesterday. Both Tarou and Aoi manage to convince the others that it’s just a fake rumor. But Sachiko wants to tell the truth because it’s unfair that Tarou gets all the blame. However, Aoi convinces her not to, because it would be bad for Sachiko and Tarou’s efforts and punishment would all have been a waste if she did tell the truth. The next day, they visit some caves. Sera feels claustrophobic and Tarou accompanies her outside. Then Tarou confesses to Sera that he likes her but someone might have heard them. What will be Sera’s reply?

Fight 13 (School Trip Battles ~ Part 3) [~8 pages]: Tarou tells Sera that he likes her. Sachiko, who went outside the cave because she was feeling anxious by the fact that the two of them were alone, overhears everything and goes running back inside the cave crying and she gets lost inside. Tarou gets rejected by Sera. Sera claims he has feeling for Sachiko because he only talks about her and keeps comparing her to Sachiko. Tarou argues back but with no luck. When everyone exits the cave, Sachiko is still missing. Because the tide is rising, some parts of the cave get flooded and some sector’s lights get shutdown. Tarou is willing to risk is life for Sachiko and tries to sneak inside. But the rescue team found her before he could do anything. That night, on his room’s balcony, Tarou looks very depressed. Depressed Sachiko also goes to her room’s balcony to look at the full moon and the stars. Sachiko is surprised to see him there and is embarrassed because they are wearing pajamas. Tarou tells her that he hates her, that it was because of her that he got rejected and that he feels like hitting her so she should go away. Instead Sachiko jumps over to Tarou’s balcony and falls on top of him. Sachiko starts crying apologizing and saying that they could clear Sera’s misunderstanding because in reality they hate each other. Because she’s crying for him, Tarou, who wanted to hit her just before, also wants to hold her tightly and gets confused. She keeps crying and tells Tarou that she knows how hurt he must feel. Tarou who is feeling an urge to hold and kiss Sachiko, tells her to leave. Kenji wakes up, and Tarou orders her to leave before there’s another misunderstanding. She runs to her room, thinking Tarou still resents her and that she’s hated. The trip comes to an end. Now they both like each other, but of course they don’t know this. And because their past history together, more complicated things await them.

Fight 13.5 - Mini Fight 02 (Perverted Fantasies) [~4 pages]: Sachiko is alone with Aoi in the girls’ locker room. Aoi surprises Sachiko when she suddenly kisses her. Sachiko is upset that her first kiss was stolen like that and says that two girls kissing is disgusting. Aoi cries, apologizes for being disgusting and tries to run away. Sachiko grabs her wrist and doesn’t let her escape. She says that Aoi is not disgusting and she didn’t mean what she had just said. Aoi doesn’t believe her, so Sachiko, to prove her wrong, kisses her back. Aoi loses control. As things get hotter and hotter, just as Aoi’s hand is reaching for Sachiko’s most secret, most private, most precious, most sensitive and most womanly body part, Kenji wakes up on his room. It was all just a yuri dream he had. And a wet dream at it. When Kenji approaches Tarou in the morning, in the isolated building entrance by the shoe lockers, he’s really excited to tell Tarou about the dream he just had. Tarou says he is too close but he tells him that he dreamed about Tarou and he kisses him, just like how he had seen in his dream. Tarou is completely furious but Kenji does not give him space to fight back and says that his mouth is saying one thing but his body is more honest. As things get hotter and hotter, after Kenji unzipped Tarou’s pants and just as Kenji’s hand is reaching for Tarou’s most secret, most private, most precious, most sensitive and most manly body part, Nanako wakes up on her room. It was all just a yaoi dream she had. And a (slightly) wet dream at it. (Note: They are two different dreams. They are put together to give the illusion that the second dream is reality continuing after the first dream.)

PART III – Pretend Rivalry, Tsundere Love (7 Chapters + 2 Mini Specials)

- They both like each other but not knowing it, they keep fighting -

Fight 14 (Drunk with Jealousy) [~12 pages]: After the trip, Sachiko is feeling down. But it’s time for the “K-AWAY” Concert, a Bishounen Idol Band! When Sachiko gets the ticket from Aoi for the band’s concert and says they are really cool, Tarou gets jealous and says that the band sucks. To back his statement, he says he understand music better. After fighting about who has better music knowledge, they end up deciding to do a karaoke competition, with all six friends. When deciding on what to drink, almost everyone wants to try the new Cherry Juice. Except Ichitaka who wants a coke and Aoi who wants iced tea. When reading the number of the drinks, Kenji orders cherry liquor drinks by mistake. Things get crazy, and it becomes strip karaoke! When things start getting really crazy Aoi and Ichitaka realize it was the drinks fault and call the waiter. Suddenly, Sachiko takes her bra off but Aoi runs to her and covers her chest with her hands. When the waiter comes to the room he says it was his first day on the job, and he didn’t realize he had just given alcohol to minors. Aoi tells the waiter to keep silent not to cause trouble to both of them. The plan was to go to Aoi’s house which was the closest but during the short walk the suspicious policeman tries to question them. Ichitaka, who was a bit farther away, goes to a group of girls and grabs one and thus the policeman chases him instead. Somehow they manage to fool the policeman and get to Aoi’s house to rest. Ichitaka takes Kenji and Nanako home. Two hours later Tarou and Sachiko wake up in the same bed. When Sachiko wakes up, she tries to kiss sleeping Tarou but backs off at the last moment. Then she notices she is not wearing a bra and thinks Tarou may have done something to her while she was sleeping. She gets embarrassed and when she thinks Tarou is going to kiss her because he’s coming closer, he drops on her shoulders and says he is going to throw up and she gets shivers. On the toilet Aoi fools Sachiko and learns that Sachiko is in love with Tarou. Tarou comes in and Sachiko almost gets a heart attack because she thinks he heard what they were saying. Luckily, he didn’t listen to them. Next day, Sachiko hangover prevents her from enjoying the concert and even though she likes him, her hate towards Tarou levels up at the same time.

Fight 15 (Soccer Battles) [~11 pages]: Tarou will make his debut in the quarter-finals soccer match. But he has no one to cheer for him. Somehow it’s Sachiko that ends up going to see his game. He gets nervous and messes up a bit but they win the game dramatically. After the game, he was spacing out in the shower so he was left alone in the male’s changing room. But then his locker won’t open and he has absolutely nothing to wear and he can only cover himself with his towel. Because he is taking too much time, Sachiko climbs a tree to take a peek inside the locker room, just like a pervert. She gets caught but Tarou asks her to come inside and asks for her help. Due to the fact that he is freezing with no clothes, he sneezes and his towel falls. Sachiko gets flustered seeing his erected thing and asks him if it was because of her that he got like that. She asks “To get like t-that… Sawada-san, do you lo-love me or something?” and Tarou says she’s being stupid and that a healthy boy can’t help to react even if it’s an ugly annoying girl. Mad Sachiko plans her revenge and tells him the only way out for Tarou is wearing her gym uniform. She plans to take an embarrassing photo of him wearing bloomers. This and that happens, Sachiko can’t take a photo and Tarou won’t wear the bloomers anymore! Then Sachiko tries to open the locker. She discovered that idiot Tarou was trying to open the wrong locker because a sticker was repositioned. At home, perverted Sachiko gets the urge to sniff her own bloomers, the ones that Tarou wore for a brief time just a few moments ago. But she ends up not being able to because her brother comes in.

Fight 15.5 - Mini Fight 03 (Delusions about a Manager) [~3 pages]: The soccer club’s captain suggests that Tarou should invite Sachiko to be the club’s manager. Tarou says it’s not possible because she’s in the volleyball club and she’s also class rep. Anyway, Tarou starts fantasizing about what it would be like if Sachiko became the manager of the club. He has perverted delusions about Sachiko wiping his sweat, even inside his shorts, and massaging him when he gets injured, even inside his shorts too! But he then gets a third awful fantasy where all the club members are hugging and abusing Sachiko and she got all smelly and all wet with their sweat. Tarou gets so sick that he vows to never allow Sachiko to become the manager of the club. Ever!

Fight 16 (Mommy Sachiko and Daddy Tarou) [~11 pages]: Sachiko and Tarou have a chance encounter at the park. They are fighting as usual, but something catches their eyes: a baby alone in the park. They decide to wait for the mother or father to come back, while taking care of the baby. When the baby starts crying they assume it must be from hunger. Tarou suggests Sachiko should breastfeed it. Innocent Sachiko reluctantly agrees and tries it out but warns Tarou that she will kill him if he takes a peek. Then, Aoi comes and sees them and tells Sachiko girls can’t breastfeed unless they become pregnant while almost dying from laughing so much. Tarou lies and says he knew it all along, and Sachiko thinks he took advantage of her innocence and gets really mad. Aoi really must go and leaves them alone again. Tarou goes to buy some milk and a baby bottle and heats the milk with the help of a sweet potato seller. Sachiko thinks he is reliable. Then, there’s a nasty smell and they fight to see who will change the diaper. Sachiko wins, but when she learns that the baby is not a “he” but a “she”, she tells Tarou he can’t look and ends up changing the diaper herself. When Sachiko finishes it, Tarou jokingly tells her that she has a brownish thing on her hand and she yells and breaks. Because of her scream, something is moving in the bushes. They embrace each other in fear, scared of a ghost. It turns out it was the baby’s mother who got up from the bushes, all scratched. She felt dizzy and before she could reach the bench, she passed out and fell on the bushes. She says that she is fine now and she thanks Tarou and Sachiko for being parents for a while. Tarou says Sachiko would be a very good mother but her only flaw would be that she wouldn’t be able to feed her children because her flat chest can only produce two drops of milk at best. She gets mad and says Tarou would be a terrible father who would give the kids a terrible example with his childish behavior. And that’s how they experienced being parents for an hour.

Fight 17 (Desperado) [~9 pages]: Sachiko receives a love letter and spaces out, so Tarou reads it. He gets worried about that so he goes to the place where the confession is going to happen. Turns out it is a girl who is confessing to Sachiko so he bursts out laughing. For prying and stepping all over the other girl’s feelings, Sachiko gets really mad at him. Next day, the same scene repeats. This time, the letter is signed by a boy named Yamazaki and Tarou gets really worried again. Even if he fights his feelings he still goes to the rooftop and only caught the final part of the conversation where Sachiko clearly agrees to it. Believing they are dating now, he cries and falls down the stairs. Next day he tries to tell Sachiko that Yamazaki is no good for her and she makes fun of Tarou asking if he is jealous. Then, in an evil attempt to break those two apart, Tarou tells Yamazaki that he should stop seeing Sachiko because Tarou already had sex with her. But Sachiko overhears Tarou spreading the scandalous false rumor and hates Tarou. And it turns out that Tarou was misunderstanding, as Yamazaki was interested in Aoi and not Sachiko. By luck, turns out that Yamazaki had a desperado reputation. He is desperate to find a girlfriend and so he confesses to a lot of girls. When Sachiko learns this, she thinks that Tarou was thinking about her feelings, so she decides to forgive him. And so, this misunderstand was “misunderstandingly” cleared.

Fight 18 (The Origin) [~9 pages]: Sachiko overhears some classmate girls discussing who would be the worst guy to date in their class. When they agree that it would be Tarou because he picks his nose, he smells bad and he is short and ugly, she instinctively angrily shouts “How can you say something like that when you don’t even know him that well?” and they get very suspicious. Sachiko realized she went too far. To avoid suspicion she says that if they truly knew him they would know he is totally un-datable just as no one would ever date a dog or a monkey. But Tarou was right behind her. Strangely, he goes to class without retaliating. Sachiko thinks she really has done it this time and that now she had blown any chance to date him. She skips class because she feels like crying at any moment. In the class she missed, Hirota-sensei decides that they will be doing a play that Nanako wrote in the upcoming cultural festival. When the girls shove the princess role to the absent Sachiko (only Chizuru wanted the role but she didn’t have the courage to say it), Hirota-sensei mischievously makes Tarou the knight (male lead) because there is a kiss scene and he knows they don’t get along. Tarou must deliver Sachiko’s script to her. Sachiko is depressed on the roof. When Sachiko finally returns home, Tarou was waiting on the living room. In her room, Sachiko apologizes to Tarou while sobbing. She says she was mad at those girls but that then she lied to hide her embarrassment. She even says she knows Tarou well and he is a good guy and she wants to get along with him and stop the idiotic challenges. Sachiko wonders why all the hate between them started. Tarou tells her the story. Sachiko was a crybaby and Tarou was her first friend. She was having trouble making friends because she likes games instead of magical girl anime. They became best friends. Then one day, Tarou achieved the highest score in one of the arcade machines. Next day, he brags about it to all his friends. They said that it was unbelievable and made plans to go check the arcade to celebrate. After arriving, it turns out that the highest score belonged to “Yamada S”. Because the machine does not show more scores (for 2nd place and further), Tarou gets called a liar and then nicknamed “Usotsuki no Tarou”. After realizing that the score belonged to Sachiko, he began to hate her. Ignorant Sachiko, goes to tell Tarou her feat, but he is mean to her. He also put bugs inside Sachiko’s school bag and laughed when she got scared. That’s when all the hate started. After that they started competing over everything. After telling the story and realizing that it wasn’t her fault, Tarou apologizes to Sachiko and there’s a good atmosphere between them now.

Fight 19 (Practicing for the Play) [~8 pages]: The play’s deadline is near and they should practice every chance they have. Sachiko and Tarou start practicing in Sachiko’s room but they are saying their lines just like two broken robots. After laughing about it, they agree that they should just have fun like if it was a game and practice goes better. While they are practicing, Yuuji mistakenly thinks they are kissing and makes a scene. In addition to the school’s rehearsals with everyone, they decide to practice alone every day at Sachiko’s house. One day, during one of those practices, Sachiko says that she noticed that there is a kiss scene near the end of the play. They decided it’s better to fake the kiss scene and even though deep inside they wanted to try it for real, they are too embarrassed to do it in front of people and Sachiko also believes doing it in a play would make it lose the meaning of her first kiss. When leaving Sachiko’s house, Tarou asks her if she wants to try kissing right there. Sachiko got a blue screen of death and Tarou says he was just joking. When she goes to her room, with her heart still pounding, Yuuji tells Sachiko that she’s been strange lately since around the field trip and he doesn’t want Tarou near her or in his house. During a practice at school, Tarou and Sera are alone. When Sachiko arrives and sees them close to each other, she mistakenly thinks they were kissing and leaves running. Being confronted with Sera, Tarou does not follow after Sachiko and Tarou feels it’s all over between him and Sachiko. Just when they were starting to get along so well… Sachiko goes to the rooftop to cry but encounters Kenji, who was reading manga there. She pulls herself together and they decide to go to the rehearsal. The rehearsal went all wrong and Tarou says he is not in the mood today. Kenji says he understands Tarou and says that it’s because Sachiko doesn’t make a good princess and that Sera would have been a much better choice for the role. Tarou gets really angry. After throwing a fit, he leaves running. Everyone gets very surprised. Sachiko and Tarou are both really depressed.

Fight 20 (Final Boss: The Love Challenge!) [~13 pages]: After last chapter’s incident, everything returned to normal. Well, not everything. Sachiko and Tarou didn’t talk to each other outside school rehearsals. Those practice sessions on Sachiko’s house also stopped. Things are sour between Sachiko and Tarou. The day of the play is finally here. Before the play, Sachiko is nervous. Tarou is nervous too, but he pretends to be calm and reminds Sachiko of what she said before: to have fun just like if it was a game! Sachiko calms down a bit but she says they never practiced the kiss scene. Tarou tells her not to worry and that she should just stand laterally to the audience and he will fake the kiss, kissing only her cheek. The play goes well. It’s the kiss scene. Tarou, believing that he won’t have another chance ever again, kisses Sachiko for real. Yuuji angrily invades the stage and shouts and asks embarrassing stuff. Tarou tells him about his love for “her”. There are doubts about if he was talking about Sachiko or just adlibbing and talking about the princess. Even after they end the play at the perfect point (it was a success, the audience thought that the stage invasion was planned), Yuuji is still furious and makes a big deal out of it. If Sachiko decides to write a complaint about Tarou’s behavior, that is, kissing her without permission, he would be expelled from school, but she doesn’t. In the evening bonfire with folk dance, Tarou and Sachiko meet alone in the dark classroom. Sachiko is going to confess, but Tarou misunderstands and thinks she wants to dance. They dance but Tarou steps on Sachiko’s foot and they fall. Tarou is on top and he can’t resist and kisses her again. They finally confess that they love each other. The End.

Fight 20.5 - Mini Fight 04 (The True Winner) [~3 pages]: The story takes place when Tarou and Sachiko were in 1st grade. Tarou challenges Sachiko to see who has the bigger weenie. Sachiko tells him girls don’t have weenies but Tarou doesn’t believe it and continues trying to measure Sachiko’s weenie. Sachiko changes the challenge with a bet to see who’s right. Sachiko tells him to come to the library with her, so she can show him a book to prove her point. On the library, Tarou reluctantly believes it but finds it very strange. After putting back the book on the shelf, Tarou trips on a loose wooden plank and falls. Trying to hold onto something, he takes Sachiko’s skirt and panties down. Horrified, he looks to Sachiko’s private parts and says “so it was true”. Sachiko, dying of embarrassment, takes a thick encyclopedia from the shelf and drops it on Tarou’s head. Tarou loses consciousness. When waking up on the infirmary, Sachiko’s crying because she thought she had killed Tarou. Tarou says he’s alright and that he had a crazy dream where girl’s had their penises cut off. The school doctor gets surprised and gets an idea of what might have happened looking at Sachiko’s red cheeks. Tarou’s memory about that incident is foggy. Much later, when Tarou learns about female genitals, he gets surprised again but he feels a déjà-vu. Sachiko also blocked this memory and did not write it on her challenge log notebook. If she had, she’d be the winner of the Clashing Feelings challenges. Otherwise, they end up with a draw.

> Resumo Expresso

+ Lê-se em menos de 5 minutos

+ Reler os capítulos ainda é algo divertido

- Já spoilaram o que vai acontecer e o final, e assim perde muita da piada.

Clashing Feelings (20+4 chapters) [~200 pages]: The story is about a boy named Tarou and a girl named Sachiko and they are 8th graders. They have known each other for a long time (since the 1st grade), but if you think they are childhood friends you are mistaken! They are childhood enemies/rivals always fighting and competing about every small thing. And this only brings them trouble. The outcome of their fights is usually bad for both of them. Also, since long ago, Tarou is haunted by a bad reputation of being a liar. But, even if she hates him, Sachiko doesn’t have Tarou as a liar. After many confrontations and hate between Tarou and Sachiko, one day Tarou saves Sachiko from an angry stray dog. And a few days later, saves her again from a group of thugs that are harassing her. But during the fight with the thugs, Tarou gets injured. While treating his wounds, Sachiko notices her feelings for him. He is not a bad guy after all. When she reads her old diary, she also remembers they were friends in the past (during 1st grade) and that she also felt something for Tarou back then but something happened that caused the hostilities. Sachiko does not remember what it was and regrets not noting that on her diary.

As the days pass, tsundere Sachiko can’t be honest with Tarou and they keep fighting, even if that only makes Sachiko feel more depressed. Eventually, Sachiko realizes that Tarou might like Sera and says mean things like he is not suitable for Sera. They get into an argument and Tarou purposes that they do another challenge: to see who can find a lover first. Despite being seriously hurt by that, Sachiko accepts the challenge. During their school trip, after Tarou is rejected by Sera, Sachiko cries for Tarou, and tells him that she knows how it feels to have an unrequited love. Tarou gets surprised by that, and because Sachiko is hugging him he feels excited. He realizes that he may also feel something for Sachiko after all, and that the feelings he had for Sera were only those of admiration.

Even if now their love is mutual, they don't know that and keep pretending to be mean to each other. Because both of them can’t be honest, due to their past history, they keep fighting and their tsundere behavior and actions only hurt them. One day, after Sachiko hears her friends saying that Tarou is the worst guy to date in school, she gets mad and instinctively accuses the girls of not knowing him well enough to say that. They ask Sachiko if she likes him. After realizing what she has done, to save face, she says that if they knew him well enough, they would know he is totally un-datable, just as no one would even consider dating a monkey. But Tarou heard that. She finds a place to hide and cry, because she just blew everything for real this time.

The cultural festival is arriving, and their class is doing a play. Somehow, Tarou and Sachiko got the main leads (even if they didn’t want to). While practicing together, Sachiko finally musters her courage and apologizes for what she said. She says she thinks Tarou is a good guy and really wants to be friends with him. When she asks why they keep fighting all the time, Tarou tells her what happened during 1st grade. Tarou beat the highest score in one of the game center’s machine. Next day, he brags to all of his friends about his awesome feat. His friends are excited about it, but want to confirm it, so they all hit the arcade. But the highest score has been overwritten by Sachiko. He gets accused of being a liar, and that’s why he got his bad reputation. Tarou resented Sachiko for that and vowed to never lose to her ever again, no matter at what it was. He began bullying Sachiko and competing with her every chance he got. Sachiko never knew about it, so she cries and apologizes. It was because of her that he was accused of being a liar. As he told the story, Tarou realized that Sachiko is not at fault at all, and that after all these years, a stupid high-score is meaningless. The machine is not even there anymore. The mood between them is getting better. But when Sachiko sees Tarou and Sera together and mistakenly thinks they are kissing, things get bad again. Tarou wants to explain that it’s not like that, but he can’t. For one, there’s no reason to and it would be like confessing.

The cultural festival arrives. The play has a kiss scene, but Tarou and Sachiko agreed on faking it. Sachiko is supposed to stand laterally to the audience and Tarou will kiss her cheek. But during the real thing, because things between them are very sour, Tarou thinks he’ll never get a chance like this ever again and kisses her lips for real. There’s a commotion. But Sachiko believes that there’s no way Tarou would like her and she thinks he just wanted to make the play look more real, since everyone worked hard on it. And Tarou thinks that Sachiko hates him now. However, during the bonfire they finally sort the misunderstanding and confess their love. They kiss again and finally became a couple. The love challenge ended in a draw.

The End.

Como sempre, visitem o CFF (Clashing Feelings Forum), onde poderão obter mais informações e descarregar CF ( ^ _ ^ )/

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vou ver se perco o meu tempo a lê-lo xD

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okey :3

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Eu neste momento odeio-me por ainda não ter começado CF... Não queres passar isso para e-pub ou mobi? Dá-me mais jeito que assim posso ler no kindle no comboio ^^

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Eu neste momento odeio-me por ainda não ter começado CF... Não queres passar isso para e-pub ou mobi? Dá-me mais jeito que assim posso ler no kindle no comboio ^^

Eto... ano... isso faz-se como? Tendo um documento word é fácil fazer-se isso? É que não vejo opção para gravar como .epub nem .mobi...


Por acaso adorava que CF pudesse ser lido no telemóvel... ajudas-me? (Sou noob nisto :blush: )

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Bom tutorial. Isto tudo parece-me tudo um pouco complicado mas vou tentar fazer isso.




Coloquei o ficheiro epub no GoogleDrive:





Mas acho que não ficou bem convertido! Ao validar o ficheiro dá montes de erros e descomprimindo e olhando lá para dentro, ficou esquisito. Consegues ver com o teu tablet para ver se ficou decente? Usei esta ferramenta online ( ) para gerar o ficheiro, porque tenho sempre receio de instalar coisas no computador. Mas se calhar é mesmo melhor instalar o calibre :unsure:


Não sei se ajuda grande coisa, mas também coloquei uma versão HTML aqui:

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Chegou o dia 31 de Outubro!!! E assim começa CF2 (apenas em Inglês):
>> Chapter 21 - Awkward Feelings <<
Spoiler para quem não leu CF1:

Doesn't it upset you when series end after they become a couple? No worries, CF is not like that! Now that those two have become one, don't think everything will be sweet and they'll live happily ever after. The real troubles are only beginning! Download it here:

Precisamente há um ano atrás... vagueava com algum aborrecimento pelos fóruns no MAL. Entrei no tópico "Show us your latest sketch or drawing". Nesse dia, deparei-me com um desenho que me inspirou. Comecei a pensar numa história para a rapariga desse desenho, a qual serviu de base para a Sachiko. E assim, CF começou a ganhar vida. Até esse dia, raramente visitava aquele tópico. Com centenas de páginas e milhares de posts, foi um milagre eu ter encontrado aquele desenho. Terá sido obra do destino?

Agora que penso nisso, hoje é Halloween. Talvez naquele dia, um espírito de algum falecido escritor de anime/manga me tenha possuído? Porque nunca pensei que fosse capaz de criar tal história. De qualquer modo, feliz Halloween!

E para celebrar o 1º aniversário da primeira ideia conceptual para CF, não há nada melhor que lançar o 1º capítulo da sequela. CF II ~ Level 2 ~ começa hoje. O Capítulo 21 já está disponível para membros.

Para quem ainda não é membro, desculpem o incómodo. Se puderem, por favor registem-se no CFF (Clashing Feelings Forum). É grátis e fácil. Isso significaria muito para mim e é a única maneira que tenho de saber quantas pessoas estão a ler CF, pois o GoogleDrive não dá indicação do número de vezes que um determinado ficheiro foi descarregado. Mesmo assim, em Abril de 2015, estou a planear disponibilizar a história completa para todos.

Shiratori ( ^ _ ^ ) /
Nota: CF2 será lançado semanalmente em Inglês e não voltarei a mencionar aqui os lançamentos dos capítulos seguintes. Neste momento estou a lançar CF1 traduzido em português aqui no fórum. Portanto, para já ignorarem CF2 e esperem por uma eventual tradução (embora não possa prometer nada).

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  • Conteúdo Recomendado:

    • ShiraWasHere
      Por ShiraWasHere
      Estado: Completo (17 capítulos + 4 mini bónus)
      (Nota, abre o spoiler em baixo de "DOWNLOAD IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE" e escolhe a versão Portuguesa)
      Olá minna-san! Tiveram saudades do Tarou e da Sachiko? Eu pelo menos senti a falta dos vossos comentários
      Para maiores de 16 anos.
      A história no AnimePT é de uma versão desatualizada. Contém alguns erros ortográficos/gramaticais e ligeiras diferenças em algumas cenas. Para obteres a história atualizada, descarrega o PDF.
      Contém spoilers de Clashing Feelings. Apesar de não ser necessário lerem a "primeira temporada", se não o fizeram, irão ser informados de vários pormenores, incluindo o desfecho, da mesma. IR PARA CLASHING FEELINGS
      Pronto, espero que gostem tanto ou mais de CF2 do que CF1, e como sempre, não se esqueçam de comentar.
      >> Anteriormente, em Clashing Feelings <<



      CLASHING FEELINGS LEVEL 2 ~ Sentimentos em Conflito ~
      Em Português e em exclusivo no AnimePT (por enquanto)

      ***** HISTÓRIA *****

      PARTE IV – Das Zangas de Rivais às Zangas de Amor

      Luta 21 – Sentimentos Constrangedores

      Apesar de ser um dia frio de Novembro, quase não há nuvens no céu e o gentil e quentinho sol começa a espreitar acima do horizonte. A Sachiko ainda está no quarto a dormir.
      Som: Piririri, Piririri [alarme do despertador a tocar]
      A Sachiko abre os seus olhos com alguma dificuldade e carrega no grande botão do seu despertador para o silenciar. Depois ela senta-se na cama e boceja.
      Sachiko: Waaaa~ [bocejo]…
      Sachiko: Nnnnnnnn… ah… - Ela levanta e estica os braços, espreguiçando-se.
      A Sachiko levanta-se e abre as cortinas para olhar lá para fora através da janela.
      Sachiko: Un, que dia fantástico! – Apesar de ser inverno, o céu está limpo e azul.
      Ela tem um sorriso radiante na cara. Depois de mudar de roupa, ela vai até à casa de banho e em seguida desce as escadas e dirige-se à cozinha. A sua mãe e o seu irmão mais velho já lá se encontravam. O seu irmão Yuuji está a ler o jornal ao mesmo tempo que vai dando uns golos na sua caneca de café e a mãe da Sachiko tem um avental e está a colocar a comida na mesa.
      Sachiko: Bom dia!
      Sra. Yamada: Bom dia, Sacchan. O pequeno-almoço está pronto.
      Yuuji: Estás estupidamente alegre e bem-disposta desde que regressaste ontem do festival cultural. E tu estavas mesmo mal-humorada ontem… Aconteceu-te alguma coisa depois de nós termos vindo embora?
      Sachiko: Nem por isso, nada de especial…
      Yuuji: Eeeh? Ai sim?
      Sra. Yamada: (Ainda bem que ela está mais animada. Aposto que ela dançou com aquele rapaz, hi, hi, hi.)
      Depois de comerem o pequeno-almoço em silêncio, os dois irmãos dizem educadamente…
      Sachiko + Yuuji: Gochisousama [Obrigado pela refeição].
      O Yuuji e a Sachiko estão agora a lavar os dentes na casa de banho. O Yuuji termina primeiro e resmunga…
      Yuuji: Espero que toda essa alegria não esteja relacionada com aquele fedelho.
      Apanhada de surpresa, a Sachiko cospe toda a espuma da pasta dos dentes para o espelho.
      Sachiko: *Tosse, tosse* - Ela começa a bochechar com água.
      Yuuji: Espero que não tenham dançado os dois.
      E desta vez, ela cospe a água toda outra vez contra o espelho.
      Sachiko: *Tosse, tosse* Mon, onii-chan! Olha o que me fizeste fazer. Oh bolas, agora vou ter que limpar esta porcaria toda. – Ela está ligeiramente corada.
      Yuuji: Sachiko, esse miúdo não presta. Devias manter-te longe dele.
      Sachiko: Porque é que tens que ser tão estúpido logo de manhã cedinho…? E porque é que odeias assim tanto o Sawada-san? – Ela começa a limpar o espelho com um pano.
      Yuuji: Primeiro, não eras tu que o odiavas até mais não? Não eras tu que estavas sempre com queixumes e passavas a vida a lamuriar-te do quanto ele te irritava?
      Sachiko: Bem… isso é verdade… - Ela fica com uma grande gota de suor na sua cabeça, enquanto continua a limpar a bagunça que causou há pouco.
      Sachiko: Então… é por isso que o detestas? Talvez eu tenha exagerado um pouquinho quando dizia mal dele. Ele afinal não é assim tão mau quanto isso. – Ela acaba de limpar o espelho.
      Yuuji: Ele parece ser do tipo de miúdo que não é sério e só quer é diversão. Ele provavelmente só quer experimentar ter…
      Sachiko: Ah, olha para as horas que já são!!! – Ela exclama ao mesmo tempo que corre apressadamente para fora da casa de banho.
      Yuuji: …sexo contigo… Ah, ela fugiu e ignorou-me completamente!
      A Sachiko sai de casa primeiro que o Yuuji.
      Sachiko: Ittekimasu [Estou de saída].
      Ela fecha a porta da rua e sai através do portão do quintal.
      PARTE 4
      Capítulo 22 - Primeiro Encontro e Sonhos Realizados
      Capítulo 22.5 - Mini Luta 05 – Punhos, Sutiãs e Cuecas
      Capítulo 23 - Ano Novo, Vida Nova
      Capítulo 24 - Valentim Estragado
      Capítulo 25 - Juntos na Saúde e na Doença
      Capítulo 26 - Uma Branca no Dia Branco
      Capítulo 27 - Desafios Assombrados
      Capítulo 28 - Mais Confrontos
      Capítulo 28.5 - Mini Luta 06 – Dormindo Juntos
      Capítulo 29 - O Início de um Novo Ano Escolar Nível 2
      Capítulo 30 - Conflitos no Dia de Aniversário
      Capítulo 30.5 - Mini Luta 07 – Em Conflito desde a Nascença
      Capítulo 31 - Descoberta
      Capítulo 32 - Acordar a Bela Tarada Adormecida
      Capítulo 33 - Batalhas Durante os Testes Nível 2
      PARTE 5
      Capítulo 34 - Ultimato
      Capítulo 35 - Clashing Feelings ~ Sentimentos em Conflito Nível 2
      Capítulo 36 - Afastando-se Cada Vez Mais
      Capítulo 37 - Boss Final: Os Seus Verdadeiros Sentimentos
      Capítulo 37.5 - Mini Luta 08 – Subir de Nível

      (Nota, abre o spoiler em baixo de "DOWNLOAD IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE" e escolhe a versão Portuguesa)
    • ShiraWasHere
      Por ShiraWasHere
      Estado: Completo (20 capítulos + 4 mini bónus)
      (Nota, abre o spoiler em baixo de "DOWNLOAD IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE" e escolhe a versão Portuguesa)
      Okay, pessoal. Isto é só um teste de uma página apenas. Um cheirinho de Clashing Feelings em Português. Não prometo que seja para continuar, e a ser, não posso prometer prazos. Mas se houver um hype considerável, dar-me-á forças para continuar
      Mas por favor, não venham agora com aqueles chavões do "Continua!", "Excelente Iniciativa", "Estou a adorar, quero mais!" e depois na segunda página já ninguém está a acompanhar

      Pronto, vou continuar a tentar traduzir uma página por dia, pelo menos enquanto houver gente a seguir isto. Espero que isto não fique uma trapalhada, vou tentar por links para ser mais fácil vocês seguirem a história. Para já, só um alerta:
       Para maiores de 16 anos. Se ignorarem o aviso, pelo menos não contem aos vossos pais. A história tem momentos pervertidos, e acho que quando lá chegar, dá-me a vergonha, fujo e nunca mais ponho cá os pés A sério, não é nada de extraordinário, mas...
      A história no AnimePT é de uma versão desatualizada. Contém alguns erros ortográficos/gramaticais e ligeiras diferenças em algumas cenas. Para obteres a história atualizada, descarrega o PDF.
      Por favor, não se esqueçam de COMENTAR!!!!


      CLASHING FEELINGS ~ Sentimentos em Conflito ~
      Em Português, e em exclusivo no AnimePT (por enquanto)
      ***** HISTÓRIA *****

      PARTE I – Rivalidade Mútua

      Luta 01 – O Inicio de um Novo Ano Escolar

      Numa pequena cidade Japonesa, na década de 90…
      Juntinhos num ramo de uma sakura [cerejeira Japonesa], dois pardais piam animadamente. Estamos na Primavera e as pétalas das flores da cerejeira esvoaçam pelo ar. E assim, inicia-se um novo ano escolar, e uma nova história começa-se a desenrolar. São dias excitantes e animados, estes tempos de juventude da Sachiko e do Tarou. No pátio da escola, há um enorme burburinho junto dos placards. Nestes, estão afixadas as listagens das novas turmas e os estudantes estão todos em pulgas para descobrir em que turma estão e se ainda vão ficar juntos com os respetivos amigos. Portanto, a algazarra é grande, com alguns estudantes a queixarem-se da má sorte enquanto outros choram a dolorosa separação com os colegas, contrastando com os muitos estudantes que saltam de alegria por terem ficado na mesma turma que os seus companheiros. No meio da confusão, a Sachiko tenta encontrar o seu nome nas listas. E as suas duas melhoras amigas estão mesmo atrás dela, mas estas não conseguem ver as listagens em condições do local onde se encontram, portanto a Sachiko está a ler para elas, enquanto se estica para ver.
      Sachiko: Ora vejamos… Onde? Onde estão os nossos nomes? Hmmm… Encontrei! Eu estou na turma 8-2. Ah! Vocês as duas também estão na mesma turma! Iupi!
      Sachiko e as suas amigas não podiam estar mais contentes.
      Aoi: Boa, fantástico! – Exclama enquanto pula de alegria.
      Nanako: Que bom, que alívio… - Comenta discretamente, com pequenas lágrimas de felicidade nos cantos dos olhos.
      Aoi segura nas mãos da Nanako e, puxando-a para a celebração, salta para cima e para baixo.
      Aoi: Vá lá Nana-chan, não chores.
      Sachiko: Geh!?
      Aoi: O que foi, Sacchan?
      Nanako: Passa-se alguma coisa, Sacchan?
      Sachiko: Oh bolas. Aoi-chan, Nana-chan, o Sawada Tarou e o seu grupinho também estão na nossa turma… - Afirma desapontadamente.
      Aoi: Eehh?? Que desgraça!! Quer dizer que temos que aturar esses idiotas por mais um ano?
      Nanako: Oh não…
      Sachiko: Isto é um verdadeiro pesadelo!
      Aoi: Podes crer!
      Nanako: Vai ser mais do mesmo, este ano?
      Sachiko: Sei lá…
      Aoi: Aposto que será ainda pior. Ne [Ei], Sacchan, tu e o Tarou-kun são colegas desde a primeira classe, não é assim?
      Sachiko: Infelizmente, sim, é isso mesmo.
      Aoi: Quando nos conhecemos no 7º ano, as coisas já estavam azedadas com aquele idiota do Tarou-kun, não estavam?
      Nanako: Ah, estavam, estavam!
      Sachiko: Pois estavam…
      Aoi: Não sei porque é que nunca te perguntei, mas o que aconteceu entre vocês os dois para as coisas se terem tornado tão hostis?

      PARTE 1
      Capítulo 02 - É por Estas e por Outras que não te Suporto!
      Capítulo 03 - Batalhas no Exame Médico
      Capítulo 03.5 - Mini Luta 01 – Tornando-se Adultos
      Capítulo 04 - Batalhas Durante os Testes
      Capítulo 05 - Batalhas na Praia
      Capítulo 06 - Batalhas no Festival de Verão
      Capítulo 07 - Confrontos Atingem o Nível Mais Alto de Sempre
      PARTE 2
      Capítulo 08 - Que Sentimentos são Estes?
      Capítulo 09 - Igualar o Marcador
      Capítulo 10 - Clashing Feelings ~ Sentimentos em Conflito
      Capítulo 11 - Batalhas na Viagem Escolar ~ Parte 1
      Capítulo 12 - Batalhas na Viagem Escolar ~ Parte 2
      Capítulo 13 - Batalhas na Viagem Escolar ~ Parte 3
      Capítulo 13.5 - Mini Luta 02 – Fantasias Pervertidas
      PARTE 3
      Capítulo 14 - Embriagado com Ciúmes
      Capítulo 15 - Lutas no Jogo de Futebol
      Capítulo 15.5 - Mini Luta 03 – Delírios com uma Manager
      Capítulo 16 - A Mamã Sachiko e o Papá Tarou
      Capítulo 17 - Desperado
      Capítulo 18 - A Origem
      Capítulo 19 - Ensaiando para a Peça de Teatro
      Capítulo 20 - Boss Final: O Desafio do Amor!
      Capítulo 20.5 - O Verdadeiro Vencedor


      (Nota, abre o spoiler em baixo de "DOWNLOAD IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE" e escolhe a versão Portuguesa)
    • ShiraWasHere
      Por ShiraWasHere
      Formato: Light Novel(?), Manga/Anime Script
      Géneros: Comédia, Ecchi, Escola, Romance(?), Drama(?), Slice-of-Life
      Estado: COMPLETO (20 capítulos)

      Finalmente completa, Clashing Feelings não é uma Light Novel como as outras. Para começar, Clashing Feelings (ou CF para os amigos) usa um estilo de script, criando uma espécie de entretenimento nunca antes visto. é como se fosse uma manga, sem imagens. Ou talvez uma Visual Novel sem fundos? Assim sendo, é composta maioritariamente por diálogos, mas como não existem imagens, também contém breves descrições. Por outro lado, não usa os temas em voga nas Light Novels, não existindo super-poderes, magia, sobrenatural nem fantasia, o que torna CF algo totalmente diferente e único.

      ☆☆☆ Sumário ☆☆☆
      A história é sobre um rapaz (Tarou) e uma rapariga (Sachiko) do 8º ano. Eles conhecem-se desde da 1ª classe e desde então sempre foram colegas de turma. Mas se pensam que eles são amigos de infância, estão enganados! Eles são mas é inimigos ou rivais de infância. Eles estão sempre a discutir e a competir por tudo e por nada, e isso só causa sarilhos a ambos. Será que eles algum dia se conseguirão dar bem? O primeiro capítulo começa no primeiro dia do 8º ano e eles vão consultar em que turma é que estão. Não podiam ficar mais desapontados ao saber que estão na mesma turma (8-2). O Tarou elabora logo um plano maquiavélico para chatear a Sachiko, mas nem imagina que isso lhe vai sair caro.

      CF começa por ser uma Comédia Escolar, mas à medida que avança explorará novos caminhos. E também tem bastante Ecchi (eu recomendaria para maiores 16 anos ), sendo que existe "fan-service" quer para os fãs do Tarou, quer para os fãs da Sachiko. CF tenta ser Shounen e Shoujo ao mesmo tempo, visto que tanto o Tarou como a Sachiko são igualmente importantes e a história é contada pelo ponto de vista de ambos.

      ☆ Obter Clashing Feelings
      Ler online:
      [Novo!]Ler em Português:ão-portuguesa/
      ☆ Contra-capa

      A review do Gamemaster007 trouxe-me lágrimas aos olhos

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      Por favor comentem! Críticas boas ou más são sempre muito apreciadas (com as más é que se aprende)

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