Ensemble Stars

Título(s): Ensemble Stars!, あんさんぶるスターズ!
Género(s): Escola, Música

Tipo: TV
Episódios: 24
Estado: Terminado
Início: 2019-07-07
Fim: 2019-12-22

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Ensemble Stars!

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Happy Elements K.K confirmed during a niconico live broadcast on Friday that its Ensemble Stars!smartphone game will get television anime and stage play adaptations. The stage play adaptation will premiere in June 2016 from Marvelous. Details on the anime will be announced at a later date.


Novelist Akira ([email protected]) wrote the original scenario for the game. The game features eight different idol units and has a cast of more than 30 male voice actors.


The "idol-training produce game" takes place at a private boys' idol-training school with a history of turning out many great talents in show business. The protagonist is the school's lone female student who transfers to the school because of a special situation, and enters the school's producer department.










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